UTD Partnership Opportunities

Technology Ball is proud to support STEM education in the DFW area. We recognize the importance of offering opportunities for STEM students to grow their knowledge in the technology community. Through our partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management, Technology Ball offers participants the opportunity to give back to a common, philanthropic cause, STEM education. Some of the initiatives the Technology Ball community are able to participate in the coming year are Mentorship Pilot, Hackathons, Job and Intern Fairs, and UTD Guest Speaking Opportunities. As our partnership grows, more opportunities to be involved in the UTD STEM community will arise.

Student Mentoring

As a community, Technology Ball is thrilled to offer STEM students at UTD the opportunity to be mentored by a technology professional. Mentors receive a guide with suggested weekly topics to cover with their Mentees such as resume/LinkedIn feedback, preparing to enter the workforce, social media best practices, business etiquette, career insights, and other topics that will help the students as they anticipate transitioning into the workforce. Click here to view the outline of the Mentorship Program; if the program is appealing to you and you are interested in signing up to be a mentor, contact the team at Info@TechnologyBall.com. Anyone can sign up! You don’t have to be an IT Professional to participate! The program is designed to help the Mentees prepare to enter the workforce, so the topics are generic enough for any business person to offer general career advice and job preparation guidance. 

If you are a University of Texas at Dallas student and would like to become a mentee please contact the Technology Ball team at Info@TechnologyBall.com.

Fall 2019 Semester Pilot Program Early Success

Here are some inspiring nuggets from LinkedIn posts made by the student Mentees! Click the links for the full post to see the students’ eagerness and genuine gratitude toward their Mentors and the Mentor Program.

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and mentoring me for my career.”
                   — See the full LinkedIn post by Jeff Lovejoy/LAM Technology’s UTD Mentee here

“I came to know about various sectors of job employment. I also got an opportunity to exchange background information and career aspects. Keeping the program aside the one thing that I will always remember from this meeting is to pass on the knowledge and help others, it doesn’t matter what position you are in right now, you will always be able to help some people.'”
                 — See the full LinkedIn post by Neal Alexander/BenefitMall Executive Host’s UTD Mentee here

“One week ago I was assigned a mentor from Technology Ball and I was excited to be a part of this. It is always great to  find people who take some time in their busy schedule and guide you to become a better person and choose the best career.”
                — See the full LinkedIn post by Jim Steeb/SMC Squared’s UTD Mentee here

“To say that I’m happy with this program would be an understatement.”
                — Shared by Herb Billings/Datascan Executive Host about his experience with his Mentee

“I’ve had a fantastic time meeting and mentoring Cynthia Julian Rex this semester! Coincidentally, the only city I’ve visited in India happens to be her home – Chennai.”
                — Shared by Herb Billings/Datascan Executive Host about his experience with his Mentee

“The session guidance is very helpful. It has been a great experience so far.”
                — Shared by Bob Rayes/Corgan Executive Host about his experience with his Mentee

“The Technology Ball – Mentorship program was an enriching experience with Mark BeMent and his team where I got the opportunity to visit their office and understand many aspects of their work culture.”
                — See the full LinkedIn post by Mark BeMent/Jackson Walker LLP’s UTD Mentee here.

“Congrats and thanks to my mentee, Ishan Sharma for completing the pilot Technology Ball UTD Mentorship Program.”
                — Shared by Tate Greer/SEI-Dallas Systems Evolution, Inc. Sponsor about his Mentee at the completion of the Pilot Mentor Program

“I was honored to be mentored by Bob Rayes, who is the CIO of Corgan in this semester. He discovered my skills and prepared me for my career by his expert advice and experience.”
                — See the full LinkedIn post by BobRayes/Corgan’s UTD Mentee here.