About University of Texas at Dallas STEM Students

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Technology Ball is pleased to direct net proceeds and community visibility to our STEM education philanthropic partner, the University of Texas at Dallas. UTD is a local university with a profound focus on STEM, making them an ideal partner for the passion of the Technology Ball community. They have a goal of bringing 100,000 STEM teachers into classrooms by 2021. Additionally, UTD has specific STEM objectives which include advancing STEM literacy and workforce preparation and growing learner confidence and interest in the performance of STEM-related tasks. The Technology Ball partnership with UTD includes:
– Funding Student Scholarships
– Sponsoring career and intern fairs
– Developing a custom mentor program
– Technology Ball tools created by UTD students
– Sponsoring Hackathons and other educational events
– Judge/advise educational events such as Hackathons
– UTD classroom guest speaker opportunities
– More ideas are being explored!